Personal Protection

with White Blancmange

For peace of mind and ultimately to assist you in relaxing during your stay, we offer you a bespoke level of service to protect both you and your personal effects, from any eventuality.

Your privacy is of paramount importance and forms the basis of the service we offer, ensuring that with the use of high-tech equipment, we can prevent any unwanted snooping in your chosen luxury accommodation.

For those who may have a higher public profile, you can be reassured by the presence of our Personal Security who have full accreditation, exceptional experience around the world and are professional, discreet and subtle in their approach.

A combined service of excellence and thoroughness guarantees sound and educated advice throughout your stay which inevitably will ensure a safe and pleasant stay.

All packages exclude

Personal Insurance, Vehicles which may be required for certain tasks or arrangements, Items and services not specifically mentioned

Elaboration of all packages will be discussed on contacting us for details and will be tailor made to suit your personal requirements.


Platinum Package

  • Personal Protection from the outset and throughout the entirety of your stay
  • Residential Security Team controlling access and ensuring protection of personal effects
  • Personal Protection Officer available for sound and intelligent advice at all times

Gold Package

  • Personal Protection in the resort but not present in your luxury accommodation
  • Security assessment prior to your arrival and detection for the potential of electronic snooping devices within your luxury accommodation

Silver Package

  • Residential Security Team present in your accommodation to control access and ensure utter privacy
  • Detection on an irregular basis throughout your stay for electronic snooping devices